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These tools for the agriculture sector can be used to explore gender opportunities, screen potential investments through a gender lens, and advise portfolio companies on how to better integrate gender into their operations and supply chains.


Understand opportunities to better integrate gender in a company’s operations and supply chain


Complete a questionnaire about the target company to generate a personalized gender scorecard


Explore how leading agriculture-related companies integrate gender into their operations, and the resulting business and social benefits

Land O’ Lakes International Development

Dairy enterprises with operations in Africa utilize artificial insemination technology to enhance the quality and quantity of cows they breed. This case study considers in aggregate some of the gender-smart practices of dairy genetics enterprises situated in the Input Provision & Use segment of the value chain, which have been identified through Land O’Lakes International Development partnerships in East and Southern Africa from 2011 to present. Land O’Lakes International Development is a nonprofit affiliated with Land O’Lakes Inc., a member-owned cooperative with three diversified agribusinesses in dairy, animal feed and crop protection. Land O’Lakes International Development leads projects and facilitates partnerships primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East North Africa, and South and Southeast Asia. The nonprofit organization works across market systems to scale agricultural technologies and catalyze impact investing among various agriculture actors, recognizing the importance of gender integration particularly in dairy, livestock, and crop systems.

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myAgro is a mobile layaway platform that enables farmers to save for agricultural inputs – seeds, fertilizer, and training – in small increments using their mobile phones. While the majority of microfinance institutions provide loans for farmers to purchase agricultural inputs, myAgro empowers farmers to save their own finances through small mobile deposits avoiding high interest rates and long trips to formal banking institutions. With myAgro’s tailored retail products, farmers are also able to access smaller packages of high quality seeds and fertilizers to meet their needs. myAgro currently markets to smallholder farmers across Mali, Senegal, and Tanzania.

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SolTuna is a tuna processing company based in the town of Noro in the Western Province of Solomon Islands, a remote country in the Pacific spread across more than 1,000 islands covering over 28,000 square kilometers. In Solomon Islands, the tuna industry accounts for 18% of the country’s GDP. One of Solomon Islands’ largest employers, SolTuna is a private entity that employs 2,100 of the country’s 540,000 residents.

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Café Feminino

Café Femenino is a coffee company that sources exclusively from women farmers around the world. First established by a coffee cooperative in Peru (CECANOR) and their commercial trading partner Organic Products Trading Company (OPTC) in 2003 to promote social justice and empower female coffee producers, Café Femenino now sources coffee from nearly 2,000 female farmers across Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Rwanda, and Sumatra.

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