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ICRW works in more than 30 countries with nearly 120 partners.  Here you’ll find information about select projects through a searchable database.

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Child marriage violates girls’ basic human rights. When girls are forced to marry, they often drop out of school, may face serious health complications and even death from early pregnancy and childbearing, and are at greater risk of HIV infection... More »
Early marriage and pregnancies are major factors underpinning high maternal and child mortality rates in West and Central Africa. The prevalence of child marriage is higher in West and Central Africa than any other region in the world, with seven of... More »
Around the world, adolescent girls remain at high risk for acquiring HIV because of social and institutional factors, including child marriage and gender-based violence. UNICEF estimated there were at least 80,000 adolescents living with HIV in... More »
The Summit Foundation has provided program support to ICRW’s Gender, Population and Development portfolio, which enables ICRW to undertake and build upon research and advocacy work on issues related to adolescent sexual and reproductive health,... More »
The overall rate of marriage for Indian girls in their late adolescence remains high, despite improved socio-economic conditions and increased legislation encouraging delayed marriage in India. On top of that, within the country, there are... More »