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ICRW works in more than 65 countries with nearly 120 partners.  Here you’ll find information about select projects through a searchable database.

Where ICRW works

ICRW Projects

The implementation of radical reforms in the 1990s resulted in profound changes in legislation and public policy around land rights, contributing to Vietnam’s rapid economic growth. The 1993 Land Law created a land market and prompted a sweeping... More »
Child marriage violates girls’ basic human rights. When girls are forced to marry, they often drop out of school, may face serious health complications and even death from early pregnancy and childbearing, and are at greater risk of HIV infection... More »
Adolescent girls in rural Rajasthan continue to experience early marriage, early and repeated pregnancy and discontinuation from secondary schools, all despite legislation against child marriages and government programs designed to both delay... More »
Globally, stigma and discrimination fuel HIV transmission by impeding access to testing and treatment services for people living with HIV. In Guyana, stigmatizing attitudes in the general population and discriminatory treatment by people ranging... More »
Around the world, more than 220 million women have an unmet need for modern family planning. Nearly half of these women cite method-related reasons for non-use. In order to address the need for new and improved contraceptive methods, ICRW is working... More »