ICRW joins so many others in acknowledging that the conviction of Derek Chauvin for the brutal murder of George Floyd represents a critical step in advancing accountability among law enforcement and the criminal justice system for the ongoing unjust treatment of Black and brown Americans. We also acknowledge and support the work that remains to be done to dismantle systemic racism in America and around the world.


Srishty Anand

Srishty Anand is a Senior Research and Program Associate working in the areas of women’s livelihoods and adolescent programming in India. She has about six years of experience as a social science researcher.

Srishty has a background in sociology and economics and has worked toward understanding urban lives, particularly in relation to public services such as sanitation and drinking water. She has experience in conducting evaluations and research on labor rights issues.

At ICRW, Srishty has worked on gender, economic empowerment, and livelihoods through projects such as Vikalp: An Exploratory Study on Non-Traditional Livelihoods in India. She has also worked on the Learning Review on What Works for Adolescents’ Empowerment study. Currently, Srishty is working on the GEMS for Jharkhand project, a school-based intervention program to promote gender equality, enhance school retention of girls and reduce child marriage.

Srishty has worked with organizations such as Ford Foundation, Echidna Giving, and a range of partners including Gap Inc., the Non-Traditional Livelihood Network and Girls Count as well as academic institutions such as the V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, India.

Prior to joining ICRW in 2018, Srishty was enrolled in an MPhil in Sociology at the Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. She has also served as a research analyst at Karaak Consultancy.

Contact Srishty at sanand@icrw.org, and follow her on Twitter: @AnandSrishty

Education: Srishty has an MPhil and a Master’s degree in Sociology from the Department of Sociology, University of Delhi. She has a graduate degree in Economics from Hansraj College, University of Delhi.
Languages: English, Hindi, French (elementary)
Adolescent Wellbeing and Youth Development, Adolescents and Youth, Economic Empowerment

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