Allie Glinski

Associate Director, ICRW Advisors

Allie Glinski is Associate Director for ICRW Advisors and a gender and evaluation specialist at ICRW. She has more than eight years of research, program and advocacy experience focused on adolescent girls, reproductive health and family planning, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), and women and technology. At ICRW, Allie has carried out research on women’s demand for contraception, conducted a deeper analysis of programs that have successfully delayed child marriage, examined the links between adolescent girls’ education and successful transitions to adulthood, and identified how technology can benefit women and girls.

Allie has a background in development and global health, which she applies in her fieldwork across Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. She has a wide range of research and programmatic competencies, including carrying out qualitative, participatory studies; developing and managing M&E systems; building the M&E capacity of ICRW partners through workshops and ongoing technical assistance; conducting gender analyses of field programs and translating research evidence into practical guidance for program practitioners and policymakers.  Reflecting on her work, Allie most enjoys the opportunity to understand complex issues from a multi-cultural, inter-disciplinary perspective.

Allie is passionate about helping adolescent girls experience a healthy transition to adulthood by delaying marriage, building their self-confidence, increasing their access to high quality education, increasing the value that families and communities place on girls, and providing girls with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.  She also is very interested in finding innovative solutions to economically empower women through entrepreneurship and the use of technology. Through her work, Allie strives to create measurement systems through which programs can gain a better understanding of the impact they are having, what is working well, and what they need to change for even greater impact.

Allie has experience working with a wide range of donors and partners, including US government agencies (Department of State), bilateral and multilateral agencies (USAID, WHO), foundations (Packard, Hewlett, Gates, Summit), corporate partners (Exxon Mobil, Intel), NGOs (Save the Children, Women Win, Solar Sister) and coalitions and alliances (Girls Not Brides, Youth Health and Rights Coalition, International Family Planning Coalition, Coalition for Adolescent Girls).

Prior to joining ICRW, Allie worked with the International Medical Corps, providing support in research, M&E, and project management to nutrition, sanitation, HIV/AIDS, and maternal health projects. Allie also served as an AmeriCorps volunteer, creating and teaching health classes to elementary and middle school students, as well as providing information to families on energy, housing, and healthcare assistance.

Contact Allie at aglinski@icrw.org and follow her on Twitter: @AllieMcGlinski

Education: Allie holds an MA in international development with a concentration in global health from the George Washington University and a BA in English and psychology from the University of Michigan. 
Languages: English (native); Spanish (proficient)  
Adolescents and Youth, Child Marriage, Economic Empowerment, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

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