WeProsper Research Salon Brief: Gender Data

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report cover, click through link to reportOn December 13, 2022, WeProsper hosted a session focused on gender data, featuring research presentations by FinEquity/CGAP, CARE USA, Landesa, and the Kenyatta University Women’s Economic Empowerment Hub. This brief is an overview of key takeaways and policy implications from research presented by each organization. Insights to translate this research into advocacy are also reflected in this brief to empower advocacy efforts on gender data in the women’s economic empowerment (WEE) context. 

This evidence illustrates how gender data collection across different aspects of WEE is essential to crafting effective policy that addresses needs and impacts. It also shows that policies and frameworks are not necessarily enough to achieve desired change without effective implementation plans and addressing underlying barriers, as in women’s representation in management and leadership. Advocacy for a wide range of gender data is needed to understand and address underlying barriers to WEE, including time-use data, household surveys, rapid gender assessments during crises, as well as impact evaluations of programs and policies.