Plan-It Girls: Process Documentation for Teachers’ Intervention

Adolescent Girls, Adolescent Wellbeing and Youth Development, Adolescents and Youth, Education, social protection

Publication Subtitle: Teachers’ intervention - Process Document
Publication Year: 2019
Publication Author: Pravah and ICRW

Plan-It Girls program focussed on the empowerment and employability of adolescent girls of Class 9th and 11th through Class 10th and 12th respectively in government schools in Delhi and Jharkhand. The two-year program began in 2017 in partnership between ICRW (International Centre for Research on Women), Pravah and Restless Development. Based on the ecological approach, the program leveraged a gender-integrated life-skills and employability skills personal advancement curriculum tailored for girls in grades 9 and 11; along with engaging principals and teachers, parents, male peers, community members, business leaders and policymakers to create an environment to support girls and their aspirations.

In Delhi, the project was implemented in 20 government schools under DDOE, Zone 29 (District, South-East) out of which 10 were GGSS schools while the rest are GBSS schools. Pravah’s role was to design and implement the teachers’ intervention in 10 GGSS schools of Delhi. This component of the program aimed at creating a pool of gender sensitive teachers who are able to understand how gender norms influence girls’ aspiration and identities, can provide support and be the role models for girls to aspire for future work and career opportunities. Such teachers will also be able to support and sustain the Plan-It Girls program in their respective schools.

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This publication has been prepared by Pravah and the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) as part of ICRW’s Plan-It Girls Initiative. The facts and information in this report may be quoted or reproduced partially or in full only with prior permission from Pravah, ICRW and/or BMGF


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