Economic Assessment of Plan-it Girls

Adolescent Girls, Adolescents and Youth, Economic Empowerment, Education, Employment and Enterprises

While the literacy levels of girls and young women have improved significantly over the last decade in India, a declining trend has been observed in female labour force participation. Empowering adolescent girls by focusing on their educational and community ecosystem holds the key to improving employability of women. In this context, International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) conceptualised the Plan-It Girls program for adolescent girls.

Plan-It Girls is a multi-level, multi-stakeholder intervention that empowers the adolescent girls, equips them with employability skills and creates an enabling environment for them. The program was implemented by ICRW, in partnership with Restless Development (RD) and Pravah, across 10 boys’ and 10 girls’ senior secondary schools in Delhi and 10 co-educational schools in two districts of Jharkhand.

This report provides a comprehensive cost analysis of the Plan-It Girls program interventions. The cost analysis of the program was conducted using a societal perspective. Both financial and economic costs of the intervention were estimated using an ingredient approach where each activity related to Plan-It Girls intervention was identified and costed. The cost analysis was carried out for the period of July 2016–December 2019. All costs were calculated and are presented in the 2019 Indian Rupee (INR; 2019). This report will act as a blueprint for researchers to understand the critical role budgeting plays in designing community-centric interventions.

Publication Year: 2022

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This document presents the economic analysis of the costs incurred in implementing the Plan-It Girls program in partnership with Restless Development and Pravah. The program was supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The facts and information in this report may be reproduced/quoted/cited only for non-commercial use and with appropriate attribution.


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