Parivartan: Transformation Through Sports

Below are links to additional stories, blogs and more about ICRW’s Parivartan program.


Changing for the Better – A story illustrating how ICRW strives to reduce violence against women in India by working with boys and young men through the Parivartan program. (May, 2010)
The Sport of Respect – A photo slideshow of coaches and athletes in Parivartan. (May, 2010)
The Ambassador – A profile of a Parivartan participant. (June, 2010)
Parivartan Launches New Campaign – A story about an interactive mobile campaign to spread messages about gender equality and preventing violence against women. (Feb., 2011)
ICRW’s Parivartan Featured at Sports and Social Change Forum in Mumbai – Results from the Parivartan program are presented during of attended by India government representatives and UN Women, among others. (May, 2012)
Boys Attitudes Shift about Manhood, Violence Against Women – An overview of findings from ICRW’s evaluation of the Parivartan program. (July, 2012)


A Coach Inspires (Jan., 2011)
Moving the Goal Posts for Girls (Dec., 2011)
Using Cricket to Talk About Gender Equality (Featured in The Huffington Post, Aug., 2012)

Media coverage:

Growing Boys Into Men (The Hindu)
Study: Games Can Raise Awareness on Gender Issues (The Times of India)
On an Equal Wicket (The Hindu)
How to Treat a Woman: Sachin Shows the Way (The Times of India)