In solidarity

The International Center for Research on Women stands with our staff, our community, with people everywhere seeking to transform the underlying systemic inequities that perpetuate the dehumanizing violence that manifested last week in the death of George Floyd at the hands of police.

Injustice – whether targeting people on the basis of their race, gender, class, religion, age, orientation, ability, origin – will persist as long as we do not act to disrupt it. As a people, we must disassemble the structures that fuel and sustain inequity and together build a solid foundation for social justice, equity and a new direction.

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Tamir Rice. Ahmaud Arbery. Trayvon Martin. We have witnessed crimes against Black people and communities of color over and over. These are crimes against humanity – stark and painful indicators of the injustice and racism that have existed in this country for centuries.

For those of us in the majority, we must recognize that we have to examine our own privilege and work to dismantle the long-standing social inequities that have maintained our position of power in this society. We must all stand up when we see others pushed down and rise up together with purpose.

We at ICRW stand in solidarity with the Black community. We will use our research and advocacy platform to interrogate injustice, drive evidence-informed solutions and collaborate with our partners near and far to create a better world.


International Conference on Family Planning 2018

Child Marriage, Family Planning, Reproductive Empowerment, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Going to this year’s International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) in Rwanda? We’ll be there!

Check out our sessions, as well as a panel discussion hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Women and Girls at the Center of Development (WGCD). More information below.

Here are the sessions:

Tuesday, November 13th

  • 8:00 – 11:00 am, Auditorium
    • Poster Session 1: Integrating cervical cancer prevention services within family planning programs: Insights from the fieldICRW’s Mara Steinhaus & PSI
  • 11:55 am – 1:15 pm, MH 3
    • Session 2 (Flash Session): What drives the change in contraceptive prevalence across districts of India? The role of socioeconomic change, investments in health and the demand (Part of: Determinants of family planning use and fertility), ICRW Asia Team
  • 3:00 – 6:00 pm, Auditorium
    • Poster Session 3: Bridging gaps in access to family planning: role of COT model in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, ICRW Asia Team
  • 4:20 – 5:40 pm, AD 1
    • Session 4 (Oral): Fertility, Population Growth and the Economic Impacts of Child Marriage (Part of: Measuring impacts: family planning, unintended pregnancy, youth and child marriage), ICRW’s Neetu John

Wednesday, November 14th

  • 7:00 – 8:30 am, Kigali Conference Center, Room AD 10
    • Morning Side Event: Exploring Men’s Roles as Partners and Activists Supporting Women’s Access to Safe Abortion, ICRW Asia’s Sapna Kedia and other panelists from the Great Lakes Initiative for Human Rights and Development, Health Development Initiative-Rwanda and Ipas Nigeria. Moderated by Kate Doyle, Senior Program Officer at Promundo-US.
  • 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, Auditorium
    • Poster Session 5: Contraceptive discontinuation and failure across socioeconomic spectrum in India: a method specific analysis of calendar data from NFHS-4, ICRW Asia Team
  • 2:35 – 3:55 pm, AD 9
    • Session 3 (Preformed Panel): Decision-making and power dynamics among couples and the implications for contraceptive uptake, Women & Girls at the Center of Development (WGCD) panel, including ICRW’s Neetu John, ICRW Asia’s Abhishek Gautam (presenting CINI research) Sneha Challa (UCSD, sharing Pathfinder partner research) and Anastasia Gage (Tulane). Moderated by with Gwyn Hainsworth (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).

Thursday, November 15th

  • 10:25 – 11:45 am, AD 12
    • Session 1 (Flash Session): What indicates reproductive empowerment: joint decision-making, or deciding alone? New insights from a mixed-methods study in Nepal (Part of: Gender, empowerment, family planning, and sexual and reproductive health and rights), ICRW’s Laura Hinson

ICFP has a lot to offer this year. Be sure to check out all of the great sessions!

For more details, visit http://2018.fpconference.org/. See you there!



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