Workplace Inclusivity: Are Organizations Equipped To Support Modern Moms?

News Organization

The Quint

Publication Date

11 June 2023

Publication Author

Pranita Achyut

In today’s rapidly evolving world, we must foster gender inclusivity in the workplace.

We’re excited to share this thought-provoking opinion piece written by Pranita Achyut, Director of Research and Programs, ICRW Asia, that highlights the experiences of working moms and the need for gender inclusivity in the workplace.

At ICRW, we believe in creating a world where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive professionally. This opinion piece perfectly captures the challenges faced by working moms and the importance of supporting them to achieve work-life balance.

Join the conversation on gender inclusivity at work and help us pave the way for positive change.

Together, let’s build inclusive workplaces where everyone can flourish!