Is there a right way to be masculine?

Publication Date

10 November 2023

Publication Author

Hannah Gelbert

There’s so much stuff online about masculinity; guys telling you how to get buff, what to eat and how to talk to women. Sometimes a particular type of masculinity, known as toxic masculinity, seems dominant on some platforms. That’s where traits like being tough and not showing emotion are emphasised. With more awareness of this kind of content, young men are being warned off it. They’re increasingly told what not to do and who they shouldn’t be listening to. But that’s not much of a guide.

In this episode the BBC’s Andrew Ochieng and Kai Kim describe their experiences of growing up in Kenya and South Korea and how masculinity is portrayed there.

Nigerian commentator and life coach Solomon Buchi gives his view on what ‘healthy masculinity’ looks like. And we tell you about two different schemes in Guatemala (SerNiño) and India (Coaching Boys Into Men), working with boys and men to help them challenge harmful masculinity.