COVID-19: Recovery Through Solidarity

COVID-19 has turned our world upside-down, but at ICRW we persevere. Despite the ominous forecasts of what this pandemic could mean for the communities we serve, we have resolved not to accept ‘disaster’ or a ‘reversal of progress’ as the inevitable outcome. Rather, we take heart by the fact that this situation has revealed deep solidarity within our sector, and the interconnectedness that was always there, if cloaked, between all of us around the world.

Forty-four years of ICRW research has prepared us for today. Our mission remains unchanged, and we’re ready to fight for it. We are paving the way forward by assembling the right partners, generating the right evidence, and producing the right solutions – solutions that will enable us to leapfrog over the worst possible conclusion to arrive at a stronger, healthier and more fully empowered future.

Across our global platform – in Asia, Africa and in the United States – ICRW’s experts are developing a layered research and action agenda that will guide our work over the coming months and years. With the power of proof, fueled by our collective passion, we are working together to rewrite the COVID-19 story and the way it ends for women, girls and their communities.

We cannot and must not back down from these challenges now facing us. We will work our way through them together, one day at a time. We appreciate your commitment to ICRW. Our commitment to you, our community, remains steadfast.

In solidarity,

President Sarah Degnan Kambou & the ICRW Team

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Our Thoughts on the Work That Lies Ahead

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