ICRW Staff List


Office of the President

Sarah Degnan Kambou, President
Julia Drost, Chief of Staff
Sohaani Perera, Executive Assistant
Lyric Thompson, Senior Policy Manager
Rachel Clement, Policy Associate
Kathryn Reitz, Director, Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)


Kirsten Sherk, Director, Global Communications
Erin Kelly, Communications Specialist


Patricia Daunas, Chief Operating Officer
Laurie Calhoun, Senior Information Resources Specialist 

Business Development and Fundraising

Gretchen Hutula, Senior Director, Business Development
Shana Williams, Business Development Manager
Margaret Roy, Business Development Specialist
Kasey LaFlam, Fundraising/Development Manager


Manizha Nabieva, Director of Finance
Robert Ferguson, Senior Accounting Manager
Tsion GMichael, Grants and Contracts Administrator
Etleva Goxhaj, Budgets and Contracts Administrator
Ju Hee Wang, Accounts Payable/Payroll Accountant

Global Support Services

Jennifer B. Jennings, IT Support Specialist
William Jackson, Office Services Specialist

Human Resources

Pamela Van de Walle, Director of Human Resources
Gozde Iyi, Human Resources Coordinator

Research and Programs Technical Staff

Spogmay Ahmed, Program Assistant
Gina Alvarado, Gender and Evaluation Specialist

Shelby Bourgault, Program Assistant
Preeti Kaur Dhillon, Program Associate
Zayid Douglas, Gender and Development Specialist
Jeffrey Edmeades, Senior Social Demographer
Kathryn Farley, Program Associate
Katherine Fritz, Senior Research Advisor
Allison Glinski, Gender and Evaluation Specialist
Sarah Gammage, Director of Gender, Economic Empowerment and Livelihoods
Amy Gregowski, Senior Research and Evaluation Specialist
Khayal Guliyev, Program Associate
Laura Hinson, Social and Behavioral Scientist
Cassandra Jessee, Project Director
Neetu John, Sexual and Reproductive Health Specialist
Chisina Kapungu, Senior Gender and Youth Specialist
Aslihan Kes, Economist and Gender Specialist 
Pamela Lilleston, Social and Behavioral Scientist
Jennifer McCleary-Sills, Director, Gender Violence and Rights
Lydia Murithi, Sexual and Reproductive Health Specialist
Suzanne Petroni, Senior Director, Global Health, Youth and Development
Diana Santillan, Senior Sexual and Reproductive Health Specialist
Jennifer Schutzman, Program Associate
Meroji Sebany, Program Assistant
Magnolia Sexton, Program Associate
Kirsty Sievwright, Program Associate
Anne Stangl, Senior Behavioral Scientist
Mara Steinhaus, Program Associate
Natacha Stevanovic, Gender and Development Specialist
Liliane Winograd, Program Associate

Asia Regional Office

Office of the Regional Director

Ravi Verma, Regional Director
Madhu Deshmukh, Chief Operating Officer
Roshni Rai, Executive Assistant to Regional Director
Ruchika Kumar, Business Development Coordinator
Ketaki Nagaraju, Editor
Sahil Tandon, Senior Technical Associate

Finance and Administration

Prasenjit Banerjee, Director, Finance and Administration
Ritu Kathuria, Finance Manager
Monica Bhalla, Administration Manager
Ritu Mendiratta, Manager, Human Resources
Sinjini Mitra, Senior Finance Assistant
Kamil Barla, Office Assistant
Babita Bisht, Office Assistant
Ranji Bhola, Admin and Human Resources Assistant

Research and Programs Technical Staff

Health and Development

Pranita Achyut, Senior Technical Specialist, Adolescent and Gender
Priti A. Prabhughate, Senior Technical Specialist, Gender and HIV
Madhumita Das, Senior Technical Specialist, Men and Masculinity
Nandita Bhatla, Senior Technical Specialist, Gender Violence and Rights 
Daliya Sebastian, Technical Specialist
Sakshi Garg, Senior Program Associate
Abhishek Gautam, Technical Specialist
Hemlata Verma, Technical Specialist 
Shreshtha Kumar, Senior Research Associate
Uttamacharya, Senior Research Associate
Shubha Bhattacharya, Research Associate
Rajendra Singh, Technical Specialist (Mumbai Project Office) 
Shweta Bankar, Technical Specialist (Mumbai Project Office)
Triloki Nath, Research Assistant (Mumbai Project Office)
Parasnath Verma, Senior Research Associate (Mumbai Project Office)
Gurpreet Singh, Project Coordinator (Ranchi Project Office)
Ronak Soni, Field Coordinator (Dholpur Project Office)
Tamal Reja, Fiedl Coordinator (Lucknow Project Office)

Social and Economic Development

Priya Nanda, Group Director, Social and Economic Development
Priya Das, Senior Technical Specialist, Gender and Research
Nitin Datta, Technical Specialist
Ranajit Sengupta, Technical Specialist
Sandeepa Fanda, Senior Program Associate
Aditi Vyas, Technical Specialist
Ashish Mishra, Technical Specialist (Lucknow Project Office)
Amenla Nuken, Technical Specialist
Aarushi Khanna, Research Associate 
Apala Guhathakurta, 
Research Associate
Alpaxee Kashyap, Research Associate

Africa Regional Office

Stella Mukasa, Regional Director