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ICRW works in more than 65 countries with nearly 120 partners.  Here you’ll find information about select projects through a searchable database.

Where ICRW works

ICRW Projects

Amidst growing awareness that empowering women yields high returns on investment, corporations have launched dozens of programs and invested over $300 million to support women’s economic empowerment over the past decade. A review of these... More »
ICRW will conduct research, in close collaboration with the George W. Bush Institute, on the role and influence of past and current First Ladies in promoting the rights and empowerment of women and children, including the unique demographic of... More »
Available economic data suggest that India loses $56 billion USD a year in potential earnings because of adolescent pregnancy, high secondary school dropout rates, and joblessness among young women. Among girls who do work, a majority are either... More »
ICRW has partnered with The International HIV/AIDS alliance to undertake research and technical assistance for the mitigation of intimate partner violence (IPV) against male-to-female transgender and Hijra (MTH) individuals funded by the Global Fund... More »
In India, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is relatively low, with a reported .25% of the population aged 15-49 living with HIV. However, with the world’s second largest population, this prevalence rate translates into more than two million people living... More »