Priya Nanda

Group Director, Social and Economic Development

As Group Director of Social and Economic Development at the International Center for Research on Women’s (ICRW) Asia Regional Office, Dr. Priya Nanda oversees research, policy and programmatic work on issues related to gender equality, social change and economic empowerment, with a focus on their intersectionalities. Her expertise includes research, measurement and evaluation of women’s economic empowerment and access to health services, including reproductive health and HIV. Priya has about 20 years of experience and brings extensive experience in leading research studies on a range of issues around women’s empowerment, gender equity and sexual reproductive health and rights issues.

With deep overseas experience in the United States, Uganda and Tanzania, and India Priya is well qualified to design culturally appropriate research and evaluative work on policies and programs for women and girls. She has a wide range of research competencies, including conducting gender analyses of field programs, carrying out qualitative and quantitative evaluative studies and translating research evidence into practical guidance for program practitioners and policymakers. Her versatility in spanning different disciplines comes from her training as a health economist and experience in participating in many assessments of gender and health programs in several countries in Asia.

Priya is passionate about grounding her evaluative and research work in a broader framework that takes into account gender disparities, economic development and gender-based violence and health inequities. At ICRW, she spearheads several evaluations of policies and programs. She has led an intervention study on gender, masculinity and son preference in India, Nepal and Vietnam, and is currently leading a unique evaluation of a Indian cash-incentive program that aimed to delay girls’ age of marriage in Haryana.  

Priya has vast experience working with a wide range of donors and partners, including United States government agencies, bilateral and multilateral agencies, such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations, and private organizations, including the Ford Foundation, GAP Inc., McArthur Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Prior to joining ICRW in 2006, Priya was a short-term consultant to the World Health Organization for aglobal data analysis of equitable access to antiretroviral drugs.  She also was the Director of Research for the Center for Health and Gender Equity, where over eight years she led several studies and was responsible for monitoring HIV/AIDS policy and programs, and providing technical guidance to program staff for research and advocacy on PEPFAR-funded programs in Africa. She is well recognized for her seminal report on the gender impact of health sector reforms in Africa and Asia.

Contact Priya at pnanda@icrw.org

Education: Priya holds a doctorate degree in health economics from the Johns Hopkins University, a master’s in international affairs from Columbia University and a master’s and bachelor’s in economics from the University of Delhi.
Languages: Hindi (native), English (fluent)
Adolescent Girls, Adolescents and Youth, Child Marriage, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Violence Against Women and Girls

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