Tips for Searching

Starting a search

By default, the global search box located in the header of each page will return every page that includes all of your search terms. Use the advanced search feature to refine your results by searching by category, phrase and type of content.

Tips for using the global search box

To search by phrase

To match an exact phrase, use quotes around the phrase
Example: "institutional expertise"

+ and - qualifiers
If you prepend a word with + that word is required to be on the page.
If you prepend a word with - that word is not required to be on the page.
Example: +always -never

Boolean search
You can use the following boolean operators in your search: AND, OR, NOT. These operators must be in capital letters.

AND narrows a search by combining terms.
Example: ICRW AND Women

Using OR broadens a search to include results that contain either of the words.
Example: Adolescents OR marriage

Using NOT will narrow a search by excluding search terms. It will retrieve documents that contain one term but not the other. 
Example: Africa NOT Asia.

Tips for using the advanced search

Use the “containing any of the words” box to search for multiple words.

Use the “containing the phrase” box to locate pages containing an exact phrase.  For example, to search for “Insight to Action” use this box.  The results will only return pages with the exact phrase in the order it was entered.

Use the “containing none of the words” box to ensure that results returned do not include a specific word.

Use the “only in the category(s)” drop down menu to refine your search to content that has been tagged by category.

Other search features

Publication search

Use the “Publication Search” to find ICRW publications by keyword, title, author, region, subject, etc.

The Publication keyword search will search the entire contents of all PDF publications.

Projects search

Use the “Where We Work” page to filter select ICRW projects by region, country, area(s) of work, etc.