Institutional Expertise

ICRW Institutional Expertise

ICRW’s expertise in designing programs, asking the right research questions and measuring progress can assure that investments in women are effective and long-lasting.

We bring to our partnerships a depth of experience in gender and development cultivated over 35 years in more than 30 countries with nearly 120 partners. Our research experts come from a variety of disciplines – public health, demography, economics, anthropology – and focus on understanding how social norms limit opportunities for women and girls. We draw on this unique expertise to devise solutions that empower women and transform their lives.

How? Our on-the-ground research identifies the often invisible influences in women’s lives that prevent them from advancing economically and socially. We then design culturally appropriate, practical ways to overcome those barriers and advocate for policy changes at the local, national and international levels. And we apply evidence-based approaches to assess whether those efforts are making a difference for women and girls.

As a leading advisor of best practices, we bring an unparalleled “gender lens” to everything we do. For ICRW, this is not a new approach. It is the core of our work and what has defined us for more than three decades.

We invite you to partner with us to improve the lives of women and girls worldwide.

Here’s how you can put ICRW's expertise to work:

Advocacy and Policy Engagement

ICRW leverages lessons from our research and practice into policy priorities for the international community by demonstrating what needs to be done and why.
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Building Capacity

ICRW strengthens the capabilities of individuals and organizations to understand and respond to the unique needs of women and men.
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Measurement and Evaluation

ICRW develops pragmatic measurement and evaluation strategies to determine the impact of interventions that aim to empower women.
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Research and Analysis

ICRW examines the realities of complex, interlinked issues and focuses on practical recommendations and results.
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Strategic Guidance

ICRW provides customized strategic guidance to help organizations clarify objectives, shape initiatives and measure results.
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