How to Work With Us

How to Work With ICRW

ICRW collaborates with partners to ensure that global development programs and policies help improve the lives of women and girls around the world. We draw on three decades of research and field experience to ensure that investments to affect real change for women are successful – whether the goal is to economically advance women, provide them equitable access to resources such as land or technology, or arm them with the ability to stay healthy and live free from violence.

We work with foundations, corporations, nonprofits and multilateral and bilateral groups worldwide to turn good intentions into action. For some, it may be finding a better way to reach girls with reproductive health information. For others, it may be a desire to integrate gender-related considerations into an agriculture program. Whatever the intention, if your development efforts require you to navigate the complexities of gender issues, ICRW can help guide the way. Let us show you how.

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