New Report: Assessing the Quality of Care for Women's Reproductive Health Services in Bihar, India

ICRW today released a report that describes where the gaps are within facilities that provide sterilization and IUD implementation for women in Bihar, India. The report contains a host of recommendations that could be implemented immediately to ensure family planning services are performed in a safe, sanitary environment where women’s rights and entitlement to quality, comprehensive health care are respected.

New ICRW Report on School Dropout in West Nile, Uganda Highlights Harmful Gender Norms

A new report by ICRW explores the reasons behind school dropout for girls in West Nile, Uganda, where only six girls are enrolled in secondary school for every ten boys enrolled. The report provides insights into the factors that are contributing to high drop out rates for girls, as well as policy recommendations to help girls continue their education.

ICRW Honors Three Global Leaders With Champions for Change Award

In celebration of International Women's Day, the International Center for Research on Women held a special event in London to honor three global leaders for their achievement in advancing the rights of women and girls worldwide. 

We Must Empower and Support Girls in Crisis

Her Majesty the Queen of the Belgians, an honorary members of ICRW's Leadership Council, penned an OpEd for Devex on how adolescent girls are uniquely vulnerable when crises and conflict hits. Ahead of an ICRW-sponsored International Women's Day event on the topic, she outlines a path forward for meeting girls' needs and highlights her commitment to protecting and empowering girls around the world who face enormous challenges every day.

ICRW and Plan International Release New Report on High Levels of Violence in Asia's Schools

ICRW and Plan International released a shocking new report, which details the high levels at which boys and girls in Asia experience violence in schools. The report also included recommendations for how schools and communities can work to decrease violence.

The World’s Girls: No Voice, No Rights

How can we address the global threat to women's rights with no space for girls’ - or even women’s - voices at the UN? How will we design a post-2015 framework that responds to the needs of the most marginalized? Learn more from ICRW’s Senior Policy Manager, Lyric Thompson, about these challenges and why 2015 is a crucial year for women and girls. 

Women’s Access to Clean Energy Essential for Gender Equitable Development

Globally, over four million people die each year from exposure to household air pollution caused by cooking fires. ICRW’s Allison Glinski writes about ICRW’s commitment to integrate women’s energy access as a strategic priority into its research on global health, economic empowerment and livelihoods.

Upcoming Events

Ravi Verma, head of the ICRW's Asia Regional Office, will present on the groundbreaking GEMS program at the 2015 Open Square Summit.

VIDEO: 2015 Champions for Change Awards

This year, ICRW honored three global leaders for their achievements in advancing the rights of women and girls worldwide. Watch highlights from the event.

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Girls Not Brides

ICRW is the proud co-chair of Girls Not Brides USA, a coalition of organizations working to end child marriage, and a branch of the global partnership of the same name. Click here to read the latest news and visit Girls Not Brides to learn more about the global movement. 

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What's New

Mon, 04/27/2015
Mon, 04/27/2015

Today, ICRW released a new report that assesses the quality of care for female sterilization and IUD implementation in Bihar, India a northeastern state of India that is home to more than 103 million people, where there is a high unmet need for modern family planning methods. The report highlights the gaps in quality of care in both private and public health facilities.

Thu, 04/23/2015

In the lead-up to her arranged marriage, a 13-year-old girl in India wrote a letter begging the principal of her school to save her from becoming a child bride. ICRW’s Suzanne Petroni, senior director, gender, population and development spoke to Mic about the harmful practice of child marriage and its devastating effects.  

Wed, 04/08/2015
The World Today

ICRW's Madhumita Das and Anne Stangl write for The World Today, Chatham House's bi-weekly magazine, about how stigma surrounding menstruation and girls' bodies harm girls' health and hinder development efforts.

Mon, 04/06/2015

On the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, ICRW's Madhumita Das writes about the barriers facing girls who want to play sports in India, as well as a new Mumbai-based program designed to empower girls through kabaddi, a popular sport throughout South Asia.

Fri, 04/03/2015

ICRW data is cited in this piece about two female artists who are raising awareness about violence against women in India.  

Featured Blog Post

ICRW’s Erin Kelly writes about visiting Haryana, India where discrimination against girls and child marriage is still common. ICRW is currently evaluating a cash transfer program designed to increase the value of girls among families and communities in Haryana.

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